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Terms and conditions

WAIVER: In consideration of your accepting this entry, I hereby intend to be legally bound for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, and waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against the competition venue, show promoter and any sponsors for any injuries and/or losses suffered by me as a result of my participation and/or attendance at the 2020 NGA Pro/AM P4P Undefeated Natural Championships. I acknowledge that if i choose to drop out of competing in this event for any reason that i will not be refunded my entry fee. I agree to accept the results of any drug test and public release of that information in the case of a failed test.

*Novice Classes are for competitors who have never placed 1st in an NGA Novice class or placed top 3 in any open division*

*Classes with (PQ) are Pro Qualifiers - must have five athletes in a class or win overall to be awarded pro card*

*Women's Bodybuilding weight classes will be determined after registration closes based on number of  entries*

*Men's bodybuilding will be lightweight, middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight according to NGA guidelines*

*Men's physique will be lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight.*

*Women's bodybuilding and women's physique divisions will be determined after all registrations are received.*

*Bikini and Figure height classes will be determined  after all registrations are received.*


Deadline to Register: Sept 30th 2020


Registration Payment -

you must both complete the form above and complete payment to be officially registered

amateur divisions

Debut Bikini $75 (First Show)

Debut Figure $75.00 (First Show)

Debut Men's Physique $75.00 (First Show)

Debut Classic Physique $75.00 (First Show)


Bikini Novice $ 75.00


Bikini Open (PQ) $ 75.00

Bikini Model (PQ) $75.00


Bikini Masters 35+ (PQ) $75.00


Bikini Masters 50+ $75.00

Figure Novice $ 75.00


Figure Open (PQ) $ 75.00


Figure Masters 35+ (PQ) $ 75.00


Figure Masters 50+ $ 75.00

Men's Classic Physique Novice $75

Men's Classic Physique Open $75


Men's Physique Novice $ 75.00


Men's Physique Open (PQ) $ 75.00


Men's Physique Masters 40+ (PQ) $ 75.00


Men's Physique Masters 50+ $ 75.00


Women's Physique Open (PQ) $ 75.00


Women's Physique 35+ $ 75.00


Women's Physique Masters 50+ $ 75.00


Teen Bodybuilding $ 75.00


Men's Bodybuilding Novice $ 75.00


Men's Bodybuilding Open (PQ) $ 75.00


Men's Bodybuilding Masters 40+ (PQ) $ 75.00


Men's Bodybuilding Masters 50+ $ 75.00


Men's Bodybuilding Masters 60+ $ 75.00

Women's Bodybuilding Open (PQ) $ 75.00


Women's Bodybuilding Masters 35+ (PQ) $ 75.00


Women's Bodybuilding Masters 50+ $ 75.00

Full Ride Sponsorship

One athlete will be chosen for a sponsorship opportunity to come back and compete next year.  Hotel, entry fee, drug test, and more. 

King & Queen of the Hill Bonus

Defend your crown next year and get a $500 bonus.  Defend two years in a row and get $750 bonus.  Defend three years in a row and get $1000 bonus, and so on.  But... if someone knocks you off the hill, they claim your bonus for their own and start their own king or queen of the hill bonus at the $500 level next year.

Guaranteed Pro Payouts for Pro Men's BB and Pro Bikini as follows:

1st place $750

2nd place $500

3rd place $250

Any new pro division for 2019 will need 5 or more entries for guaranteed payouts above.  If less than 5 per division, first place will be guaranteed $250.

Pro Divisions

Pro Men's Bodybuilding $125

Pro Men's Master Bodybuilding (40+) $125 

Pro Men's Classic Physique $125

Pro Men's Physique $125

Pro Figure $125

Pro Masters Figure(35+) $125 

Pro Bikini $125

Pro Masters Bikini (35+) $125

Pro Women's Bodybuilding $125

Pro Women's Bodybuilding (35+) $125

Pro Women's Physique $125

*Prize money guaranteed only after 5 pros are registered for that division.

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